Too Many Noodles!

Written and Illustrated by Sara Luna and Amy Eam

Trying new foods can be scary sometimes, and for Lily and Peter it’s a huge adventure. While visiting their grandparents in China, Lily and Peter learn about unusual foods like chicken feet and family traditions like Chinese New Years. Through experiencing new foods, Lily and Peter realize how fun it is learning about (and tasting) their own unique and wonderful culture!



Fun, rowdy, and full of interesting authentic detail. I love the details of the Chinese market in the background – including all the local produce, drying squids, and classic street foods. This is an attention-grabbing cover, and it successfully sets the tone for the book.


In the dedication, Sara mentions her “food-loving family.” That food love is exceedingly apparent in the pages of this book. This is a fabulous introduction to classic Chinese cuisine, and a great way to encourage kids to try new foods. The simple, accurate artwork even makes chicken feet look tasty! Each page is packed with fascinating, hilarious detail. I’m also a big fan of the page layout – excellent text treatment.


Simple, fun, and well-written. By the end of the book, I had a tremendous hankering for some Chinese food.


About the Authors

Sara Luna dreams in children’s books. She is most happy when she is creating, making jokes or long naps. “Too Many Noodles!” has given her the chance to express her colorful self through food, funny animals and silly faces. Sara lives in Seattle, WA with her 30 year old pet Turtle. Too Many Noodles! is a collection of Amy Eam’s most treasured experiences and joys, capturing everything most valuable to her: beautiful art, children’s smiles, and home cooked food prepared from the heart. She resides in Seattle, WA with her husband , her son and two mischievous cats.

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