A Spooky Tale

Sue Wickstead

When the children went on a walk to look around the district it led to the class writing a shared story.

This is a story full of imagination. Where did the class go and what did they see?

What could possibly happen?

Many years later, and with a few changes, their story was re-written.



Really well-designed. Nice layout, good font choice and nice text treatment. I LOVE the personalities displayed on this cover. Each face has so much expression. The spooky shadows on the wall are also fantastic, and they frame the title very nicely.


I love just about any book that starts with a map. I’ve always been keen on minute details in children’s books, so I love poring over a well-drawn map.

Carrying on, the artwork throughout this book is fantastic. I love the style, and I’m so impressed with the way the artist captured the author’s vision. Each monster is adorable (if that’s the right word) and hilarious, and every page is just packed with fun. The art really tells the story all on its own – which is quite impressive.


I hate to say this, but the text almost takes a back-seat to the artwork. That’s not to say that the story isn’t fun in and of itself – because it is! This is a simple, rhythmic story that makes for a very good read-aloud book.

I highly recommend this and other books by Sue Wickstead.


About the Author

As a teacher, for many years, I have shared and told stories. In addition I also worked with a Children’s Charity. The charity was a Playbus, which was a mobile project taking play to the children wherever they might be. The Playbus was much loved and many children, now grown up have very fond memories. My involvement led me to write a photographic history book about it. In the many school I visited, as a cover teacher, I have been able to talk about and share the bus experience. The children asked many questions and it led to story telling, which led to the story writing. My children enjoyed their Playbus experiences too and have fond memories. The original bus was a project funded by the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Community Awards and it was a pioneering project. Many other bus projects were seen in action across the country. I have always written stories or told stories to the classes I have taught, I decided to write down a few adventures. After sharing the first story with many children the tale was ready to publish. Bewbush Playbus is the real life bus while ‘Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus’ is the fictional tale. From Fact to fiction the bus journey continues with more stories written and on their way.


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