The Shadow and the Star – 5⭐

Kathrin Honesta & Ong Kay Jen

Rarely does a book – any book, not just a children’s book – evoke such a powerful response from me. It’s been a dark few days. Horrible things are going on all over the world, and my shadows were creeping in. Then I opened this book, and the shadows lifted. I’ll do my usual review in a moment, but I would be remiss if I didn’t express my gratitude to both the author and the illustrator for this beautiful, uplifting story.

The classic Christmas Nativity scene reimagined, The Shadow and The Star uses Christian themes of redemption to tell a story of a girl who learns to deal with the darkness in her life.




Not your classic children’s book cover, but delicious, nonetheless. Hot stamp finishing with lush contrast and GORGEOUS simplicity.



It’s a little hard to separate the illustrations from the story, because they’re so intimately intertwined. The artist did a phenomenal job of capturing the emotion, the encroaching darkness, the hope, and the freedom of the text. I adore the color scheme, the use of light and dark, and the simplicity of the artwork.


In just a few hundred simple words, the author weaves such a stunning story. I think the impact is perhaps due to that very simplicity. So much is said in a very few short sentences. The writing is masterful, and I won’t soon forget this little book.

NOTE: You can purchase this book at Go do it. I highly recommend it.


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