Bear Woke Up

Karl Steam

Learn how positive and negative perspectives drastically change Bear’s story. The setting and circumstances stay the same. Only Bear’s attitude changes. This book provides a fun way for children to learn how subtle differences in attitude can change the course of someone’s day. This should be a go-to book for teachers in the primary grades.



I quite like the simple artwork used both on the cover and throughout this book. It fits the tone of the book. My one complaint is that I would have liked the title to take greater prominence than the author’s logo. As is, the logo could easily be mistaken for the title. I understand the layout constraints though, as the back and front of the book needed to match up.


Fun artwork with bright colors and simple shapes. I’m quite amazed that so much emotion was expressed in such a simple style. I particularly like the pages that show the bear floating in the water.


This book can be read front to back, or flipped for an alternate story arc. It’s quite a good idea and it shows how a little attitude adjustment can make a big difference in one’s outlook. This would make a great discussion book/teaching tool for young readers.


About the Author

Karl Steam is a children’s author, illustrator, and motivational speaker. Some of his works include Purple Pup, How Santa Changed, and Bear Woke Up. He resides in the Lakes Region of the Upper Midwest, with his wife and three children.

Karl enjoys fishing, camping, and traveling. The coastlines of Wisconsin and Michigan are currently at the top of his vacation wish list.


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