Bible Sleuth: New Testament

Vanessa Carroll (Author) | Jose Perez Montero (Illustrator)

Based on the Where’s Waldo concept and adapted for Bible themes, Bible Sleuth: New Testament introduces young readers to stories about Jesus and the early church, while engaging them in seek-and-find activities. Perfect for young Bible sleuths, complete with activities that take readers back to Biblical times.



Fantastic concept and execution. I love the file folders that communicate “sleuth solving cases.” The text treatment is nice, and I quite like the post-its for the subtitle and credits. Lovely, professional work overall, with a great, bright color scheme.


I looooooved Where’s Waldo as a kid (to be honest, I still do), so this is an easy winner for me. Most of the pages are packed with detail, so each search offers a pretty good challenge. Once you’ve completed the search items, there’s still a whole lot to see on each page. You’ll enjoy checking out all the activity on each page, and you’ll find a lot to discuss with a young reader.


Each spread has a small Bible story (New Testament) to go along with the search. The text is a simple paraphrasing of a Biblical excerpt. It’s worded in a kid-friendly, fun way — though the vocabulary is perhaps a bit above the advertised age range (4-7).



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