Chatur and the Enchanted Jungle

Subhash Kommuru (Author) | Nayan Soni (Illustrator)

Chatur and his loyal donkey Gadhu are back and on another misguided adventure in Chatur and the Enchanted Jungle. After they lose their way in a jungle, strange things start happening. When Chatur seems to be getting everything he wants, will greed get in the way of what really matters?




I absolutely love Chatur and Gadhu. I was so excited at the opportunity to read another book in this wonderful series! Every page is just so much fun. All of the characters are extremely expressive and highly entertaining. I also love the textures and patterns used throughout the artwork. It adds a lot of visual interest to an otherwise same-y setting (a jungle).

Page layout is also excellent. It’s a well-designed book overall.


The author has a passion for sharing his culture, and that shines through beautifully in this series. This story is well-written and highly entertaining. The story flows very well, and is surprisingly unpredictable. You’ll find yourself chuckling along as you read this one with your kids!


Lovely and fun. The cover sets the tone nicely for this book. The title sliiightly overlaps the trees, which obscures some of the words at thumbnail size. This is a very finicky complaint though, and hardly worth mentioning.


About the Author

Subhash and Sujata Kommuru are a husband and wife team, known for their award-winning range of children’s books. They aim to introduce the vibrant culture of India to the children of the United States, the country which has been their home for several years.

Subhash began writing when he became a father. He created stories for his young son about his own childhood in India, to help his son understand the culture and values of his heritage.

Subhash’s wife, Sujata, is an illustrator, who soon began creating pictures to accompany her husband’s words. Her illustrations bring to life the colorful images of her own Indian childhood, giving children a vivid insight into a diverse culture.

Together, Subhash and Sujata offer children the chance to experience the life of an Indian child, and understand a culture vastly different from their own, while enjoying the simple similarities shared by children all over the world.

Their books are entertaining at the same time as being educational, and they have been honored for excellence by the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards.

With universal themes including friendship and the importance of self-expression, Subhash and Sujata’s books provide children with an all-important introduction to the diversity of the world they live in. Read them together and they’ll become firm favorites that your child will enjoy again and again.
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