The Toothless Puppy

Karen & Ashley Almon (Authors) | Agung Nurhidayat (Illustrator)

Campbell the golden retriever is as happy as a dog can be. She has a caring family, an adventurous life, and a lot of great friends. But when she notices she is missing one of her teeth, Campbell becomes sad and worried. Where did the tooth go? What will everyone think of her now?



Very nicely done. Artwork is bright and appealing. Text treatment is spot-on. Font choices go together very well, and the title is large and bold. Basically everything you want in a good children’s book cover. Bravo.


The toothless pup cracked me up. His teeth are very human-looking, so he appears to have a set of dentures stuck in his mouth. I assume that this was intentional to draw attention to his missing tooth–and it works well.

All of the artwork is very professional, bright, and appealing. Page layout is also well-designed for easy reading.


Very sweet little story about differences. It’s well-written with a nice flow. This is a great one for a young child who feels self-conscious about their appearance. It teaches in a fun way that everyone’s a little different.


About the Authors

Karen and Ashley Almon are a mother-daughter duo from Seattle, Washington. Karen is a retired elementary school teacher, and Ashley is a writer, artist, actor, and musician. The Toothless Puppy was inspired by the Almons’ real-life canine companions, Campbell and Wilco.

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