Song for the Maker

Carrie Ellen Mohn

“Song for the Maker” is an alliterated alphabet of Psalm 148, entwined with illustrations of creatures singing in awe of each other and their Maker who vows to preserve them. This book is both for children and adults, with curious words and vividly colorful pictures. Its  spirit offers a unique place of mind for all.



Those of us who work in the digital age don’t know how good we have it. I have tremendous respect for traditional artists who use traditional tools – and Carrie Ellen Mohn is one of those wonderful folks. The paintings throughout this book are simply lovely. Honestly, the cover doesn’t quite do this book justice. On the one hand, it’s nicely designed and the style fits the book. On the other hand, Carrie’s art takes a backseat.


As you might have noticed, I’m rather enamored of Carrie’s lovely artwork. The hand lettering is impressive, and there’s just a lovely finesse about every page. This is the kind of book that you want to own in print. I don’t think that digital media would do it justice.


The vocabulary might be a bit of a stretch for the target age group, however, this would make a very fun read aloud book. I’m all for challenging young readers, so I’m really not complaining here.


About the Author

The author’s prior contributions have been in the visual arts as a painter and illustrator. This is her first book.

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