The Purple Grumblies: Percy the Dreaded Sea-Monster

Mike Marsh (Author) | Priti Jain (Illustrator)

The Purple Grumblies are terrified when they hear that Percy the Dreaded Sea-Monster is headed towards their Grumblie Island.They escape to nearby Volcano Island over shark-infested waters by using their upturned umbrellas as sailboats. Thanks to the Pixiecats, small Meerkat-like animals who live in the sand on Volcano Island, they hide inside the volcano just as Percy arrives. Hungry Percy climbs to the top of the volcano and peers inside; he knows they’re in there somewhere. He can SMELL them! But the Grumblies out-smart him.



Bright, fun artwork + nice, bold text treatment = no complaints from this gal.


Bright and fun as well. What I particularly appreciated though, was the page layout. The text treatment throughout the book is excellent. I typically caution against using multiple fonts — it can make for frustrating reading — however, in this book it’s done very well (kudos to Liz Martin, I would assume). A standard font is used for the main text, while a second font is used as an accent, and is only used for sound effects (“WHOOSH”, “THWACK”, etc.). It’s a little detail, but it makes a big difference.


Fun and funny. The author has a lovely writing style, which makes this series a joy to read. I look forward to the next books in this series.


About the Author

Mike Marsh is retired and lives in Bermuda with his wife, Sandy. He has four children, eight grandchildren and one step-grandson. Mike decided to publish some of the bedtime stories that he had created over the years for his children and grandchildren, thus the Purple Grumblies were born. Mike is a Member of the Society of Authors in London, England.

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