The Duck Who Flew Upside Down

Russ Towne

Wilbur Mallard is a very odd duck. He is bright orange with purple spots and a great big bright purple thing-a-ma-jig on top of his head. Every time Wilbur tries to fly, that thing-a-ma-jig spins him upside down! When he tries to land, he always ends up bouncing, somersaulting, and finally crashing or splashing in a heap. Ducks aren’t built to fly upside down, so Wilbur has to work much harder than the other ducks to fly. Poor Wilbur!
But these challenges and differences help Wilbur in many ways. Find out how as you join him on this great and exciting adventure that will make many warm memories and hearts of all ages smile.



Very nice text treatment. I’m always thrilled to see nice, bold title treatment that stands out from the rest of the cover. It’s (arguably) the most important part of the cover, and too few put sufficient emphasis on it. The artwork is fantastic as well (love the duck), though perhaps a little bland for a cover. Just increasing the size of the duck might have made a big difference in filling up some of that empty space.


The artwork throughout this book is fantastic. Wilbur the duck is so expressive that you can’t help but sympathize with all of his troubles. Nice, bright colors throughout, plus lot of great detail in each illustration.

My only question: why not full-page illustrations? In the Kindle version, the illustrations are reduced to small images on each page. I assume the original artwork was designed for print, but it would have been great to see it converted to Kindle dimensions for digital reading.


Well-written, good pace, and appropriate vocabulary for the target age. It’s a very sweet story. I just love the way all the odd birds get together to form their own special flock.


About the Author

Russ lives with his wife in Campbell, California, USA. They’ve been married since 1979; have three adult children, and three grandsons. In addition to enjoying his family and friends, and his dual passions for investing and writing, Russ loves to spend time in nature, especially near rivers and streams that run through giant redwood groves, and near beautiful beaches. He loves watching classic movies, reading, and his small fern garden and redwood grove. Russ manages the investments of the wealth management firm he founded in 2003.

Why Russ Writes

Russ hopes readers experience truth and kindness in his writing, to remind everyone of the greatness and goodness within themselves and others.


  1. Thank you for your review of my book, Marie. I appreciate your kind comments and especially your suggestions as to how to enhance The Duck Who Flew Upside Down. I plan to incorporate some of them over time in this book and others.


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