The Stairwell Dragon

Linda E. Dinwoodie

Freddie sometimes loses sleep from all the things he fears. He is convinced a dragon’s lived beneath the stairs for years. Whenever he has scary dreams and doesn’t like the night, he puts a saucepan on his head, preparing for a fight. His sister thinks he conjures tales and does this for attention. But Freddie keeps some fears inside – they’re difficult to mention. As for The Stairwell Dragon, do you think it will appear? Perhaps it’s just in Freddie’s mind, created by his fear… or maybe it’s been hiding and one day will be revealed, when Freddie has his helmet on and wears his sword and shield.



SO cute! I love the hiding dragon–and I love, love, love the color and texture used throughout this book.


I often say (as you might recall) that authors usually shouldn’t illustrate or design their own books. Here’s an exception to that rule. Linda Dinwoodie is not only a wonderful writer, but a fabulous illustrator as well. The artwork throughout this book is bright, beautiful, and full of detail. Pages are nicely laid out for clear, easy reading… and I’m going to say it again: I LOVE the color and texture throughout this book.


This is a rhyming book, and the author did a beautiful job telling the story. The rhythm flows nicely and there are no forced rhymes (an all-too common pitfall, I’ve found). You’ll find that this is a great read-aloud book.

The story itself is adorable. It follows a little boy as he faces his fears–and then finds that those fears are groundless. A “basket full of snakes” turns out to be nothing more than the fringe of a blanket. “The biggest spider in the world” turns out to be no larger than a standard house spider. And the stairwell dragon? Buy the book and see for yourself!



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