Harry the Hip Hop Hippo

Jane Finch (Author) | Anastacia Tohill (Illustrator)

A dancing hippo? Surely not! Harry is a hippo who loves to dance, but he is worried what the other hippos might think, so he keeps his dancing a secret. As soon as the other jungle animals start playing their music, Harry has to dance. He just can’t stop himself. So when the other hippos catch him dancing, what will their reaction be? This is a story about not being afraid to be different.




The cover artwork is wonderful and hilarious, as you’ll see throughout this book. Unfortunately, the cover itself could have used a professional designer’s touch. The title is small, the font is boring, and it just doesn’t pop at all.

Fortunately, there’s an awful lot that I DO like about this book.


The artwork is fantastic. It’s as adorable and hilarious as the story itself. Harry is just too stinkin’ cute, and I got a kick out of all the dancing animals throughout the book.

The layout leaves a lot to be desired, but again, nothing that couldn’t be remedied by a designer’s touch. The green background is a bit harsh, and the art/text are oddly off-center on the pages.


I’m a sucker for a cute animal story, so this one had me right away. The title is great, the concept is adorable, and both my husband and I had a good laugh at this cute little hippo who just wants to dance.

For after all, hippos don’t dance,  do they?

I think a little editing could have done a lot to fine-tune this story though. There’s nothing seriously wrong, but a bit of tightening up would have made for a more fluid read. Sentences tend to be a bit bulky in spots, and there are a few odd tense changes mid-paragraph.


About the Author

Jane Finch: Member International Thriller Writers, Inc. Author of seventeen books including adult thrillers and crime fiction, and several children’s books including novels and picture books.

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