How Santa Changed

Karl Steam (Author) | Maksym Stasiuk (Illustrator)

Think you know Santa? Think again. Discover what Santa was like when he was young and the events that helped him become the jolly man we like so much.



This seems to be a bit of a play on the old ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas story. It’s really quite well-written. The flow and rhythm is excellent, so it makes a wonderful read-out-loud story.

I spotted a few minor editing issues (i.e. “nonending” vs. “unending”, “walked with more jolly”) … though perhaps the author was simply taking some artistic license with his language usage.


Really gorgeous artwork throughout this whole book. I spent a lot of time poring over each page just to take in all the detail. I can’t say enough how beautifully this book was illustrated. The color work throughout is just stunning. Some of the full spreads are downright frame-able.

The text treatment isn’t great, unfortunately. Font choice is ok, but the text is just far too small–especially because the artwork is planned to provide ample space for larger text. It’s not illegible, by any means, but it’s harder to read than necessary.


There’s just so much whimsy and charm throughout all the artwork in this book, and the cover is no different. It’s such a warm and cozy cover, and I love the little elves taking a photo with the antique camera. Just gorgeous cover artwork all around.

Not thrilled with the text treatment, but (as you may have noticed) I rarely am. The font choice is just a bit blah. However, I DO love the author’s logo.


About the Author

Karl Steam is a children’s author, illustrator, and motivational speaker. Some of his works include Purple Pup, How Santa Changed, and Bear Woke Up. He resides in the Lakes Region of the Upper Midwest, with his wife and three children.

Karl enjoys fishing, camping, and traveling. The coastlines of Wisconsin and Michigan are currently at the top of his vacation wish list.

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