The Legend of Gili the Christmas Kid

Thomas E. Schneider, Ph.D. (Author) | Nicholas Sinclair (Illustrator)

After his mother is driven into the wilderness because of a sad custom, a kid goat called Gili is forced to make sense of the world without her love and guidance. He struggles to be kind and good, but everything changes after strangers arrive to share his stable. Before he knows it, he becomes a witness to a series of life-changing events.



Interesting, but odd. There are a lot of random factoids thrown in throughout this book that have little to do with the actual story. A description of the goat notes that he has “a little messy beard”, but then it goes on to note that this is where the word “goatee” comes from. The author spends several pages building the case for how nasty goats are before actually getting to the story.

The story is written almost as if it was transcribed from an oral storytelling. There’s a lot of filler (e.g. “Anyway, their particular custom involved…”), and the story seems to meander toward its goal. Also, the Christmas story is tweaked a bit to fit the timeline of this book. A bit of editing would have done this story a lot of good.


Cute, but it almost seems like the artist used two different styles throughout this book. Also,


While I have to give props to hand lettering, the layout of the words causes a bit of confusion. Without knowing the title, I would have read this as “The Legend of the Christmas Gili Kid”. Dropping the words “the Christmas Kid”just a little lower would have cleared up any possible confusion. I will admit, however, that I am being awfully finicky with this.

One real concern though, is that smaller text becomes nearly illegible at thumbnail size. Unfortunately, this is something that must always be considered if a book is going to be sold in digital format.




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