Ladybugs for Loretta

Lois Wickstrom (Author) | Francie Mion (Illustrator)

Loretta is a mischievous girl who lives in a cabin high up in the Colorado mountains. She loves her garden and the ladybugs that protect it. But where do they go in the winter? On a cold winter day when she was collecting pine needles for her strawberry patch, she discovered ladybugs hiding under a rock. There were even more behind a chunk of loose tree bark. Through a loving relationship with her parents and her garden, Loretta learns about the life cycle of ladybugs.



I reviewed a previous book by Lois Wickstrom, and this one was equally fascinating. As I mentioned then, this series reminds me of the Little House on the Prairie books. It’s simple reading and a bit nostalgic (don’t know if I can really be nostalgic for something I haven’t experienced… but you know what I mean).

The vocabulary is age-appropriate, and the text size is great for the age group. I did notice a few discrepancies (i.e. “winter” should not be capitalized); though overall, this is a good, educational, enjoyable read.


As a digital artist I really respect traditional illustrators. When you have no ctrl-z, you’ve got to be a bit bolder. Francie Mion filled this book with more wonderful watercolor illustrations and each page is bright and lovely.


The text treatment on this cover is quite a bit better than the previous book I reviewed. It’s a bit stronger, and I quite like the hand lettered effect. The more time I spend looking at the cover, the more detail I see – and that’s something I really love. It’s all fairly simple at first glance, but there’s a whole lot of lovely detail if you look a little longer.


About the Author: Lois Wickstrom

Every morning and evening, my husband and I walk our dogs and pick up trash around the neighborhood. We live many miles away from our children and grand children, so we don’t see them very often. We have an organic garden, and a make-shift greenhouse in the basement for starting seeds. We live in the inner city, so there’s no place to park a car. We ride our bikes everywhere that’s practical and we belong to a car co-op. When we want a car, we rent it by the hour. We only need a car about once a month.
At the moment, I’m taking a screen-writing class which I’m loving. I also belong to Toastmasters to improve my oral storytelling skills.

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