Paula and Her Multi-Colored Hair

Carmen Parets Luque

Paula and her Multi-coloured Hair‘ is a children’s picture book about the most basic human feelings: joy, sadness, anger and fear.Through the changes in Paula’s hair, we are visually giving a name to the emotions we feel. Beginning with asking ourselves questions such as… ‘What does it cause us that emotion?’, ‘What does it make us feel?’, and ‘What should we do?’ we provide answers or solutions for each type of emotion. In this way, children can learn to identify and manage their emotions in a healthy way.  



I really  like the concept behind this book. It’s quite clever and fun. It just seems like it was written by a non-native English speaker. There are random tense changes throughout, and the grammar is awkward (e.g. “Sometimes, there are many things that make her feel sad”). I find it hard to recommend a book like this at all because it’s vital that young readers learn correct grammar, sentence structure, etc.


I’m not sure why two different styles are included in this book. The actual illustrations are fantastic. They’re very simple, but they are quirky and interesting. There’s a lot of fun texture and color included in each image.

Oddly enough, though, there’s random clip art (I think) included on each text page. I assume this was done to add more visual interest to the pages without art–but I think this detracts from the book. The clip art has nothing to do with the story, so it’s just confusing. Of course, the wildly different style doesn’t help tie it in at all.


Again, odd discrepancy between the artwork inside and the artwork on the cover. Why two different styles?


About the Author:

Carmen Parets (1983) – Early childhood educator (ECE) and author of the blog of children’s themed tales ‘’

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