I Miss You All Day All Week

Konilaree Sanders

Abigail is a little girl who is worried about missing her father while he works. They spend time together to think about the adventures to be had when the weekend comes. “I Miss You All Day All Week” is a story that combines the difficult emotions of separation anxiety with a child’s whimsical imagination to create a fun way to cope with her fears of saying goodbye. This book shows the special bond between a father and daughter, at the same time showing a child a way of managing their emotions and discovering a way to have fun despite life’s disruptions.



A cute story, but I think rhyming actually compromised quality. A lot of the rhymes were forced, and the rhythm was off, so it made the book a lot harder to read. If you’ve followed my reviews for very long, you know this is very nearly a dealbreaker for me.

Nonetheless, it was a sweet concept and I did enjoy it. I just think it could have done with a bit more editing.


Cute and fun. Obviously, a lot of care went into creating the artwork in this book. The author really captured the lovely relationship between her husband and daughter, resulting in some very charming illustrations.


A good start, but a professional touch is lacking. My main complaint is that it’s just very bland for a children’s book. There’s not much visual interest.


About the Author:

Konnilaree “Konni” Sanders is a mother of two from Mesa, AZ. She worked in the field of accounting until she traded her calculator for a keyboard and art set. She found herself inspired by, or a bit mystified by her children’s imagination, feelings, and reactions. Her stories combine a bit of silliness and a bit of real life experience. Please visit her website http://www.storiesbymom.com for more information, activities, and other books.

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