Look, I’m Reading! Bible Storybook

Stories retold by Gwen Ellis | Illustrated by Steve Smallman

Your family will love this Bible storybook in the popular rebus style with pictures sprinkled between words, allowing your little ones to read along with you! Kids will love to engage with the Bible stories by pointing out the pictures among the words to tell the story. This is a proven way to help children learn and retain the stories through interaction. In the rebus format, children see the picture key, learn the word, and then complete the sentence using the correct picture. This gives children positive learning and interactive reading time.



This is a really fun, interactive approach to story time. Each story is told with a mixture of simple text and a few image prompts that replace key words. This  allows even young children to participate in “reading” the story.


I love this style. It’s so fun, and (for me) a bit nostalgic. I love all the little details, and I love the watercolor technique.


Good overall. Text treatment is a smidge out of date, but who’s gonna notice? Sometimes a little “bevel and emboss” does the trick.



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