Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus

Sue Wickstead

‘Jay-Jay the bus was rescued from the scrap yard where he was sadly gathering dust and cobwebs. He is taken to an airport where he is magically transformed into a ‘Playbus’ full of toys, games and adventure.
A fictional tale based on a real life bus ‘Supersonic’ which flew in the imagination of the many young children who visited him.’



This is a wonderfully fun story–an idea I would have absolutely LOVED as a child: turning an old bus into a playbus. This one is sure to spark your kids’ imaginations. And the best part is that it’s based on a very real, famous playbus.


Fun, bright, and full of detail. The artwork is guaranteed to spark imagination as much as the story itself. I had so much fun with this one.


No complaints.


About the Author

I am a primary school teacher When my two children were young they attended a playgroup on a bus and as a volunteer I became involved with the committee running the project. The bus really got into my blood and became very much a work of the heart. I ended up painting the bus, as well as working in the groups and raising the profile of the project and its work. As part of the committee and later as play-worker, I was involved in raising necessary funds to replace the old bus with a newer project. It really was a fun journey to be involved in. I taught in the local school for over 20 years but even then I remained involved with all aspects of the play project in my spare time assisting in fund-raising and events, as well as working voluntarily in after school play clubs and holiday play schemes. I left teaching in order to write the history book about the original bus. I now work as a supply cover teacher across many schools the South-East of England, I have been able to tell many children, I meet and teach, about the bus as well as show them the photographs in the original Bewbush Playbus photographic book. The children were always curious and asked lots of questions about the playbus. This led to me telling a story which I eventually wrote down. Jay-Jay is the fictional story to go with the factual project. I am now turning my attention to the next part of my bus journey!


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