Flash the Donkey Makes New Friends

Rachel Anne Ridge

Hee-haw! A stray donkey with a penchant for inventions is taken in by a mismatched collection of barnyard friends. Flash is the inquisitive type who loves to invent things and solve problems, but his curiosity sometimes gets him into trouble! With the help of his new-found friends―Jed the Goat, Carson the Pig, and Ruby the Chicken―Flash manages to turn problems into adventures and learns valuable lessons along the way.


Really freakin’ adorable. The text is so simple, but so much fun. The author chose her words carefully, and the story really works well.

Add to that a wonderful page layout and use of typography, and you’ve got a winner of a story. This one is just plain fun for kids to read.


Fun, hilarious illustrations by the author herself. It seems the author has a lovely sense of humor, and you get a taste of that in both her words and her artwork.


Honestly, a little blah compared to the rest of the book. I would have liked more of a hint at the goofy fun inside. The text treatment is a bit boring as well, though simply making the title LARGER could have solve a lot of the problem.


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