Santa and the Christmas Dragon

Amanda Roberts (Author) | Cherith Vaughan (Illustrator)

Once upon a time, Santa brought Christmas to China. But how did that happen? Thanks to a little dragon named Ming, Santa, the elves, and all the reindeer are able to learn about Chinese culture and gain the friendship of mighty dragons to help spread Christmas cheer throughout the world!


I’m a bit of a sucker for a good children’s book that promotes international culture. This one certainly does so. Not only does the story provide a good introduction to Chinese culture, but each page includes a translation of the text in simplified Chinese and Pinyin.


The illustrations are beautiful, bright, and full of fun detail. Each page has so much character and life, and the artist did a wonderful job combining Chinese culture with the Western elements of the Christmas holiday. I think the book is well-designed to appeal equally to both cultures. I loved the textures and patterns used throughout the book

Unfortunately, on many pages the text is laid out over artwork. The font choice isn’t strong enough to be fully legible in most cases. I don’t know if the designer was trying to keep the page count down or what, but I would have preferred to have text and artwork on opposing pages. In fact, they did this for on few pages, but not on most.


We run into the same problem here. The artwork is lovely, but it’s not really designed with a cover in mind (it seems). The title text is hard to read over the artwork. Just a little tweaking would have made this a much better cover.


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