I Can be Kind

Amie Carlson (Author) | Heather Hayworth (Illustrator)


This is a cute, simple book designed to teach children basic manners. Open the flap on each page to see a Bible verse to back up the lesson. It’s a good idea, but I feel like it stopped a little short of success. The writing is good, and (see below) the artwork is adorable.

I just have one main complaint: The book is very flimsy. It’s a book geared to young children, so I’d expect a bit more durability. The pages are very thin – far too thin for a peek-a-boo style book.


That said, the artwork itself is adorable. I love all the detail behind each flap. It’s lovely, bright, and friendly, and kids will certainly be engaged.


Lovely and fun. Great font choice, nice layout, and nice detail.

Final note – I feel bad leaving a lower rating, so I feel I should explain. The author and the illustrator did a beautiful job. Unfortunately, the publisher went cheap and decreased the value of an otherwise excellent product.


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