Marcy Meets an Alien

James V. Eves


There are no words in this story. A gutsy choice, but it works quite well. I was pleasantly surprised at all the twists and turns in this story as well. I was honestly expecting something a bit generic, but Mr. Eves really kept me on my toes. I think kids will LOVE this book – and I think it’ll quickly become a favorite. The artist did a fabulous job of communicating the story through illustrations alone… so rather than spend more time on the story, on to…


The artwork throughout this book is so fun and lively. The alien’s expressions are hilarious, and the artist really captured a lot of character in each image. So much action is packed into each page that you really won’t miss the words. It’s actually a great way to get your kids more involved with the story. Rather than you reading to them, your kids can basically tell the story themselves. Again, very impressed with the story-telling skill in this book.


Pretty good overall. The cover artwork is fun and engaging, but it’s just a reused piece from inside the book. I REALLY would have liked to see a unique piece of artwork for the cover. While the chosen illustration gives a good idea of what the book is about, I always feel a little cheated when the cover is just “recycled”. An original piece of art (designed specifically for the cover) is often a lot more exciting and impactful.

However, the title should be a lot bigger. Rule of thumb: if you’re in doubt about the size of your title, MAKE IT BIGGER. Your title absolutely must take prominence – above artwork, above the author’s name – because it’s what’s folks need to remember.


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