Scared of the Dark

Caroline L. Thornton


Nice rhyme and rhythm in this one; however, all punctuation seems to be missing. There are only four lines to a page, but the total lack of punctuation makes reading a lot harder than it needs to be.


There really are no illustrations to speak of in this book – and that’s quite unfortunate. While there are indeed pictures, they just seem to be mismatched stock images (many of which are low resolution).

If you’re going to write for children (and you choose to self-publish), never assume that your words alone will carry your book to success. I would propose that the value of a children’s picture book is split evenly between the words and the illustrations. The younger the target audience, the more heavily the split shifts toward pictures over words.


Sadly, the cover suffers from the same stock treatment. Good stories suffer when a professional designer and illustrator is not called in.


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