Bees in Loretta’s Bonnet

Lois Wickstrom (Author) | Francie Mion (Illustrator)


This was quite an interesting little story all about leafcutter bees – and how they end up in Loretta’s bonnet. It’s full of lots of fascinating tidbits on the bees and it even includes a little tutorial on making your own nest to attract wild bees to your yard.

A few grammatical issues took the story down a notch. Using numerals (e.g. “5”, “6th”, “3/4”) instead of spelling out the words is generally frowned upon. This is a fairly small issue overall; however,  a children’s book should strive for the highest level of grammatical accuracy. Here’s where a little professional editing goes a long, long way.



Lovely artwork that fit the story nicely. The art reminded me a little of the work of Garth Williams in the Little House on the Prairie series. The style is different, but the artist captured a lot of the same charm.


I harp on this an awful lot, but text treatment matters. At thumbnail size, the cover text is all but illegible. The most important part of your cover is (arguably) the title. Start there, and build your artwork around that.



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