Kitty Cat and the New Pet

B.J. Beeck

41joa3ic2jl-_sx311_bo1204203200_Quite a cute story here from B.J. Beeck. One in a series of lovely stories, actually. I thought this book would work quite well as a way to introduce the idea of a new family member. Many “we’re having a new baby” books tend to be a bit too on-the-nose about it, where this one might offer a better chance for discussion with your kids.


Simply written with vocabulary appropriate to the target age group. There’s not too much text on each page, so the story flows nicely without getting bogged down with too many details. It’s a simple story, simply told, and it works well.


Very cute, colorful, and entertaining. There’s a lot of nice detail throughout; I recommend reading on a large enough screen so your kids catch it all.


Nice artwork, but I would have liked a bolder text treatment. I do like the cranky cat though.


Find out more about B.J. Beeck at 


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