What Happens when a Lion Lies Down?

Claire Sharp | Andrew Torrens


This was such a great idea. It’s a hilarious concept, and it was quite well done. I think just a little editing could have made a big difference though, as there were a few grammatical errors. Nonetheless, I did quite enjoy this book, and I found it to be a very original, creative, and entertaining story.


Lovely artwork, and plenty of it. The style was perfect for the story – the illustrator did an outstanding job. Due to formatting issues, the pictures were rather small on my devices (both mobile and PC), which was unfortunate. I think there was a lot that I missed just because the pictures weren’t large enough.


Gorgeous. I LOVE the whole concept. It’s perfect for the story and it’s just so beautifully executed as well. The artwork is stellar and the text treatment is spot-on.



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