Bedtime Stories for Kids

Uncle Amon


To be honest, I expected a bit more from this one. This is one of the most generic bedtime books I’ve come across. It’s not that any of the five stories in this book are bad; they’re just not very good either.

More than anything, it just seemed like very little effort went into creating this book – and that’s disappointing. Any one of the stories in this book could have been far more entertaining and interesting with just a little more effort and a bit of editing.


The few illustrations in this book are wonderful. The artwork is colorful, cute, and fun. The problem is that the pictures are few and far between. There’s one small picture at the beginning of each story, and that’s it. Depending on your reading device (and text size), that means anywhere from 3-6+ pages of text between pictures. For a kids’ book, that’s sadly inadequate.


Cute, but again, generic. At first glance, I really can’t complain. The artwork is professional, as is the the layout and typography. It’s just really, really boring.



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