Boo and Doo Save the Day

Michael Yu


Funny and cute, but the text could have done with just a smiiiidge more polishing. Removing/adding a syllable here or there would have made for better read-aloud rhythm. Also, it’s a bit unfortunate when a writer has to revert to made-up words in order to make a rhyme work. Overall though, a fun, lively read that I think kids will enjoy.


The artwork is where this book really shines. It’s bright, gorgeous, and amazingly detailed. Every page is just packed with action. I would love to see more from this illustrator.


Alas, one more book cover taken down by Papyrus. There are fonts that should be avoided on book covers (particularly children’s books), and Papyrus is one of them. It just doesn’t stand out, and it really doesn’t do the artwork justice. A stronger text treatment would have made a world of difference.



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