Hey Sheep!!! Let Me Sleep!

Sigal Adler | Haim Yafim


This story had me smiling right away. Granted, it could have used a little editing. There was an awkward phrase or two, and the odd typo (i.e. “alot”). Overall though, I really enjoyed it. The story has a good rhythm overall (vital for a rhyming story, as I’ve mentioned more than once).

The concept of the story cracked me up. Each new “annoying sheep” was funnier than the last. I’m sure the annoying sheep will be a hit with your kids at bedtime.


Fantastic. I loved the dreamy nighttime-blue artwork with the brightly colored sheep. Just wonderfully illustrated, and equally as funny as the text.

I just wish the formatting was a bit better. It would have been great to have the text and images on the same page… but Kindle can be tough to work with if your artwork is designed primarily for print.


Wonderful. Really adorable. Nice use of color. My only complaint: the illustrator’s name (Haim  Yafim) seems like it was tossed on there as an afterthought. It seems like it could have been placed better.



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