No Matter How Small

Sharon Gibbs | Alexandra Mac Vean


It seems like a lot of effort went into creating this book. It’s a good idea that needed just a bit more thought and planning. As is, the story is disjointed, there’s a lot of odd punctuation (or lack thereof), and there were just a whole lot of “wait… what?” moments.

This book is clearly labeled as a ‘Beginner Early Reader’, but it includes a lot of vocabulary far beyond beginner level reading (e.g. luminance… which isn’t actually a word).


Illustrated in bright watercolors, this book is actually quite lovely. My only complaint is that there were randomly sized pictures scattered throughout the book. The first half o the book had uniform artwork, but the pictures in the second half were all oddly different in size. This isn’t a huge deal, but it made for some awkward formatting and a less than professional finish.


With such bright, lovely artwork inside, I’m a little disappointed by the mostly white cover and lackluster typography. A simple watercolor wash and a better text treatment would have taken this cover to a whole different level.



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