Easter is Cancelled

Sally Huss


I love rhyming children’s books, but it takes a surprising amount of skill to actually pull one off. You can’t just slap a bit of text together and hope it’ll have the right rhythm and flow.

While some parts of this book work well, other bits are frustratingly clunky. In addition, the author has used some fairly advanced words throughout the text – words that are only used (it seems) for the purpose of making a rhyme. A bit of editing would have done a world of good.

That said, the story is cute and funny. It’s a good little morality tale, and it gets its point across.


Cute, bright and simple. While the style is very slap-dash, it works quite well for the story. There wasn’t a dull picture in the bunch.


The cover art and title are great – nice and clear. My only complaint is the placement of “Another happy book by” – it seems this should be above/near the author’s name, but it’s above the title instead. This isn’t a big deal, but little oversights tend to hurt the overall impression.



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