Diary of a Grumpy Bear

Dr. Demandu


This started out promising. It was a cute idea and the first few pages were amusing. Grumpy Bear wakes up hungry after a long winter nap. He’s SO grumpy because he’s hungry. Good start.

This is a book about counting, so I figure he’s going to be counting the things that he eats. Instead, he counts to ten once (after threatening to eat a rabbit whole), then he goes back to bed and that’s the end of the story.

Aside from that, there’s just a lot of odd grammar, incorrect capitalization and punctuation, and random emoticons (??) scattered throughout. It seems like neither the author or the illustrator really tried much.


I honestly can’t tell if the illustrations are intentionally minimalistic or just plain lazy.


Actually, the cover’s alright. Good font choices (though the subtitle could use a bit of help).



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