Danny’s Dancing Socks

Janet Young / Vladimir Cebu


To be honest, I’m not quite sure what to make of this story. It starts off well enough, but it left me scratching my head.

Once the socks come alive, things take a turn for the strange. It’s a cute concept actually, and it would have been great if not for a few things. Along with the socks, everyone’s underwear starts coming alive too. When the book started talking about “sister’s panties with a little pink bow,” and “some lacy red undies that moved with mom’s wiggle,” things just felt awkward. I’m no prude, but this just seems odd for a children’s book.


The artwork is cute, but I would have liked to see more uniformity. I don’t know if this was a formatting error or a mistake on the part of the artist, but the images are all slightly different in size.


I’m no fan of Comic Sans, but the cover works well enough. I kind of wish the artist would have created an original cover – designed as a cover – rather than reusing artwork from the book. A better-designed cover would have made a big difference in text layout and visibility.



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