A Song to the Earth

By Abbey Rich



A cute story that could have done with a bit more editing. A few sentences like “[he] squinted his sleepy eyes allowing the sunshine entered them” made the overall product seem less than professional.

The whole scene with kids salting Cricket’s new friend slug was a bit disconcerting – “The little cricket was filled with sorrow as he watched his friend slowly shrivel in front of him.


The artwork is very cute. Unfortunately, the first three pictures in the book were almost identical. I know that the story doesn’t change setting, but different angles/closeups, etc. would have made for better illustrations.

One serious problem: the book isn’t formatted correctly, so text and images don’t display quite right. This can be a problem going from one device to the next, but careful formatting is very important. As cute as the illustrations are, lack of formatting detracts from the reading experience.


While the cover artwork is cute, nothing really stands out. The cricket blends into all the rest of the green. The background is busy, and the chosen font just doesn’t stand out clearly. At thumbnail size (an important consideration for Kindle book), the title is all but illegible.


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