Dr. Lisa’s Big Book

Lisa Rusczyk



“Basic Concepts” is right. At first glance, I wasn’t particularly impressed. As I read through the book though, I found myself smiling. It’s hard not to when you’re reading sentences like, “Ticklish turtle loves orange quatrefoils.”


This book is a compilation of all of Dr. Lisa’s books. The artwork varies from one to the next, but all of it is really nicely executed. It’s bright, colorful, and it looks professionally illustrated. The typography is well executed as well, so the book is easy to read – both for adults and for kids.

I particularly loved “Zoo Alphabet” and “One Unique Cat”. The pictures were adorable, colorful, and totally delightful.


Can’t complain. Bright, appealing artwork. Clear, well-chosen fonts. Nicely laid out for an attractive cover.



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